Healthy Cake Pops

Everyone loves cake pops. I had my first one two years ago and was amazed by the sweeet taste. I absolutely loved it. So obviously I started making them. And by making them I also mean eating half of it. Who can resist this delicious cake mixed with chocolate frosting and then covered under a delicious coat of chocolate. I had to find a way to adapt those killer cake pops to my moroccan cooking and make it more healthy. So I decided to use my recipe for the vegan raw chocolate cake and turn it into cake pops!

2 cups raw almond 

2 cups pitted dates

1/2 cup chocolate chips 

2 cups of cacao chocolate 

In a food processor, mix the dates and almonds. Once it starts becoming sticky, melt the chocolate and add to the mix. 

Mix everything and from small balls. Roll those balls in the cacao to coat and insert a wooded stick in the center. Refrigerate about 5-6 hours before serving.